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2012 Jr. National Championship Results
United States
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2012 Gettin’ in the Game Junior National Championship

On September 21-23, CSL Behring hosted the 2012 Gettin' in the Game Junior National Championship (JNC) in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. This marks the eleventh year in which CSL Behring has hosted an annual national baseball and golf competition for children with bleeding disorders. For this year's special event, CSL Behring invited 66 bleeding disorder Chapters throughout the United States to nominate 2 participants–one for golf and one for baseball to represent their chapter in program. In the end, 93 children from across the country were able to attend in this year's event.

During the program, children participated in either a golf or baseball clinic hosted by CSL Behring's Gettin' in the Game pro golfer Perry Parker and baseball players Jesse Schrader, Ivan Sada, and Peter Dyson. These athletes, all of whom have bleeding disorder themselves, instructed the children on the importance of physical fitness in managing a bleeding disorder. On the following day children had the opportunity to show off their golf or baseball abilities and compete for a national title with fellow participants. Throughout the weekend, participants attended educational sessions to learn more about key issues surrounding managing their disease state. These educational sessions featured the following presentations

  • - "Importance of Physical Fitness," presented by Durden Pillow, PT
  • - "Keeping and Maintaining Your Healthcare Insurance," presented by Lynne Szott RN,CCM
  • - "Top Do's and Don'ts for Raising Happy, Healthier Kids," presented by Lisa Greene BS, CCP

JNC participants also had an opportunity to meet additional representatives from CSL Behring Consumer Advocacy Groups; Lori Kunkel (Hemophilia Moms), Mary Ann Massolio (VWD Consumer Advisory Board), Lisa Greene (Common Factors Board) and Lynne Szott (Common Factors Board).

Although he was unable to attend, C.J. Wilson starting pitcher for the Los Angeles Angels sent a private video message congratulating participants on their nomination and encouraging them to do their best. Robert Champagne, President of the C.J. Wilson Children's Charities addressed the audience and provided his own word of encouragement by focusing on the inspiration behind the C.J. Wilson Charities, his ten-year-old son Micah, who has a bleeding disorder himself.

In addition to educating and inspiring children, the 2012 Gettin' in the Game Junior National Championship has enabled over two hundred members of the bleeding disorder community to connect and build relationships with their peers by sharing their personal experiences with one another.

Before engaging in any type of physical activity, always consult with a healthcare professional to make sure that the activity is right for you.

Please join CSL Behring in congratulating the 2012 Gettin' in the Game Junior National Championship winners!

National Baseball Winner
Cameron Dutcher, 14
Representing-Hemophilia Foundation of Southern California
National Golf Winner
Benjamin Gruher, 13
Represented The Bleeding Disorder Foundation of Washington
National Raffle Winner
Zachary Heywood, 14
Representing- Alaska Bleeding Disorder Association
Second Place Golf Winner
Jacob Hoernlein, 9
Representing Hemophilia of North Carolina
Third Place Golf Winner
William O'Brien,13
Colorado Chapter of NHF

Brock Spacek,12
Hemophilia Foundation of Northern California
Good Sportsmanship Award (Golf)
Marcus Evio,16
Hemophilia Foundation Southern California
Outstanding Golf Award- Longest Drive
Joseph Gassiraro,13
Gateway Hemophilia Association

Avery Amende, 12
Rocky Mountain Hemophilia & Bleeding Disorders Association
Outstanding Golf Award- Closest to the Pin
Ian Boulduc,14
Hemophilia Foundation of Arkansas, Inc.

Christopher Lewis,13
WVU Foundation
Outstanding Golf Award- Longest Put
Micah Major,14
Louisiana Hemophilia Chapter

Benjamin Clark,12
Nebraska Chapter of NHF
Third Place Baseball Winner
Austin Renau,17
Colorado Chapter of the National Hemophilia Foundation
Second Place Winner Baseball
Brian Krug,12
Hemophilia Association of the Capital Area
Good Sportsmanship Award (Baseball)
Eli Faymonvile,12
Wisconsin Bleeding Disorder Network
Outstanding Baseball Award (14-17)
Christopher Florez, 15
Hemophilia Outreach of El Paso
Outstanding Baseball Award (11-13)
Trent Martinez, 15
Hemophilia and Bleeding Disorders of Alabama
Outstanding Baseball Award (7-10)
Cortland Jackson, 10
Hemophilia of Indiana

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