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Distribution Annoucement

ZLB Behring to In-Source Warehouse and Distribution Functions

KING OF PRUSSIA, PA — 14 August 2006

Dear Valued Customer,

This is to inform you that ZLB Behring has decided to in-source our warehouse and distribution functions. Since 2004, ZLB Behring outsourced these services to a third party logistics management company, RX Crossroads, (formerly known as MDI), to store and distribute products on our behalf. We will continue to utilize RX Crossroads’ services throughout 2006 as we deplete inventory at their warehouse.

I am pleased to announce that commencing in September, orders will begin to ship from our distribution center in Bradley, Illinois. I should note that the distribution center will be warehousing and distributing our products only. Customer Support and other support functions will remain in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania.

As we transition to the distribution center in the coming weeks, some of your shipments will originate from Bradley, Illinois. From a customer service perspective, this change will be transparent. The only difference will be the “shipped from” information on the packing list and invoice.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this initiative, please contact your local ZLB Behring representative.


Robert Lefebvre
Vice President, General Manager
U.S. Commercial Operations

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