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ZLB Behring Foundation Calls for Grant Applications

Winning Grants to Fund Scientific Research, Patient Programs for Bleeding Disorders Community

King of Prussia, PA — 22 June 2006

The ZLB Behring Foundation for Research and Advancement of Patient Health today announced that it is accepting grant applications for programs designed to benefit the bleeding disorders community in the United States. The Foundation awards grants at regular intervals throughout the year and supports both clinical research and community-based patient programs.

Applications are available on-line. The deadline to apply is Monday, July 31, 2006. Grant requests should be submitted to Garrett Bergman, MD, Executive Director of the ZLB Behring Foundation. Downloadable guidelines, forms and contact information can be found on www.ZLBBehringFoundation.com. Governed by an independent advisory council, the ZLB Behring Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated exclusively to supporting charitable, scientific and educational initiatives that advance the standard of care for persons affected by bleeding disorders, such as hemophilia and von Willebrand Disease. Since its inception in 2001, the ZLB Behring Foundation has awarded millions of dollars in grants to the bleeding disorders community.

"The ZLB Behring Foundation's purpose is to drive innovation in care and support for patients living every day with bleeding disorders," said Garrett E. Bergman, MD, Executive Director of the ZLB Behring Foundation. "We are committed to continuing partnerships that improve the quality of life for patients."

Recent ZLB Behring Foundation award recipients include the Hemophilia Federation of America (HFA), which received approval to execute a program to educate women across the United States on the signs and symptoms of bleeding disorders, and a physician from the University of Pennsylvania who is conducting research that is expected to have a significant impact on the management of labor and delivery in women with von Willebrand Disease. Von Willebrand Disease is caused by a deficiency or abnormality of von Willebrand factor, a protein in the blood that is necessary for normal blood clotting.

The ZLB Behring Foundation will announce the winners of this round of grant recipients in October of this year.

About the ZLB Behring Foundation
Founded in 2001 as an independent, non-profit corporation, the ZLB Behring Foundation for Research and Advancement of Patient Health is the only corporate foundation dedicated exclusively to charitable, scientific and educational purposes designed to advance the standard of care for persons affected by bleeding disorders. The ZLB Behring Foundation is governed by an Advisory Council consisting of healthcare professionals and advocates who are renowned for their dedication to the bleeding disorders community. The Advisory Council has the sole authority to award all grants.

For more information on the Foundation, visit www.ZLBBehringFoundation.com.

About ZLB Behring
ZLB Behring is a global leader in the plasma protein biotherapeutics industry. Its comprehensive line of therapies include products for the treatment of hemophilia and other coagulation disorders, immunoglobulins for the prevention and treatment of immune disorders, treatments that inhibit the formation of blood clots, wound-healing agents used during major surgical procedures, and plasma expanders for the treatment of a variety of conditions such as shock, burns and circulatory disorders. Additionally, ZLB Behring operates one of the world's largest, fully-owned plasma collection networks. ZLB Behring is a subsidiary of CSL Limited, a bio-pharmaceutical company which operates worldwide from its headquarters in Melbourne, Australia.


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