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Albumin (Human), 5%/25% Solution
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AlbuRx is a solution containing the most abundant protein in human plasma, albumin, which is produced by the liver. Scientists first isolated albumin from plasma during World War II while researching a substitute for whole blood in the treatment of military casualties.

AlbuRx is used to expand the volume of fluid in the vascular compartment and to replace naturally occurring albumin in patients whose bodies do not have enough of the protein in the blood stream (hypoproteinemia).

AlbuRx is available in 5% and 25% solutions and is manufactured from U.S.-donor plasma in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Bern, Switzerland.

For intravenous administration
AlbuRx 5 and AlbuRx 25 are indicated to restore blood volume in patients with shock, burns, pancreatitis and peritonitis, and postoperative albumin loss. AlbuRx 5 and 25 are indicated to treat acute complications of chronic hypoproteinemia with oncotic deficit, but are not indicated for treatment of the chronic condition itself.

Use of AlbuRx 25 may be appropriate in the following acute circumstances: adult respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), cardiopulmonary bypass, pre- and postoperative hypoproteinemia, third space problems of infectious origin, acute liver failure, acute nephrosis, ascites, red cell resuspension media, renal dialysis, and hemolytic disease of the newborn. AlbuRx 25 is not indicated for intravenous nutrient or for treating the stabilized hypoproteinemia accompanying chronic cirrhosis, chronic nephrosis, protein-losing enteropathy, malabsorption and pancreatic insufficiency.

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Important Safety Information for AlbuRx 5 and AlburRx 25

The use of AlbuRx 5 and 25 is contraindicated in patients with a history of an incompatibility reaction to human albumin. AlbuRx 5 may be contraindicated in patients with cardiac failure or severe anemia due to the risk of acute circulatory overload.

Reported adverse reactions include nausea, chills, fever, urticaria, headache, and hypotension.

AlbuRx is derived from human plasma. The risk of transmission of infectious agents, including viruses and, theoretically, the Creutzfeldt-Jakob (CJD) disease agent, cannot be completely eliminated.

Please see the full prescribing information for AlbuRX® 5.
Please see the full prescribing information for AlbuRx® 25.

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