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CSL Behring - Gettin' in the Game
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Gettin' in the GameSM

Physical activity is important for everyone, with special benefits for people with bleeding disorders. Gettin' in the Game was developed by CSL Behring to help children with bleeding disorders exercise, play sports, and learn more about their disease state. Exercise can help people with bleeding disorders build stronger muscles and joints and improve their venous access. Sports and exercise can also help build self-confidence, teach teamwork, and create a sense of community.

Among the most popular features of Gettin' in the Game are the local events at which children and their families can learn sports tips from our national Gettin' in the Game athletes, participate in appropriate exercises and warm-up activities, and meet other kids with bleeding disorders. Gettin' in the Game events also feature opportunities for further education about their disease state and chances to share their experiences with others facing similar challenges.

More Gettin' in the Game events are on the way—possibly to a location near you.

If you would like to receive more information about the Gettin' in the Game program, please call the CSL Behring Consumer Affairs Department at 1-888-508-6978.

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