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2013 JNC Celebration
United States
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2013 Gettin’ in the Game Junior National Championship

On September 20-22, 2013 CSL Behring hosted the 13th Annual Gettin’ in the Game Junior National Championship in Phoenix, Arizona. The Gettin’ in the Game Junior National Championship is a national competition designed specifically for children within the bleeding disorder community.

CSL Behring partnered with 58 bleeding disorder chapters from across the country, who in return nominated two children (chapter nominees) from their region to represent them in this national competition. Prior to the competition, chapter nominees attended clinics where they were instructed on the fundamentals of either golf or baseball and proper stretching techniques. Leading these clinics were CSL Behring Gettin’ in the Game Athletes pro golfer Perry Parker and baseball players Jesse Schrader, Ivan Sada, and Peter Dyson. Assisting the Gettin’ in the Game Athletes this year were Gettin’ in the Game alumni Ben Gruher, Jordan Swoape, Vohn Dumdumaya, and Adam Klumm. These young adults, all past JNC participants themselves, shared words of encouragement and inspiration with the children during a rap session held on Saturday, September 21.

Exercise and healthy competition were not the only items on the agenda for this year’s program. Throughout the weekend, attendees were able to connect with CSL Behring Common Factors Advocates Jenny Dumdumaya (hemophilia patient advocate) and Jennifer Koles (VWD patient advocate). In addition, parents and caregivers were able to attend educational sessions titled “ Winning with a Bleeding Disorder,” led by Lisa Green and “ The Affordable Care Act and You,” presented by Karla Beckner White.

True to tradition, CSL Behring hosted an awards ceremony on Saturday evening in which every nominee received a medal and was recognized for his or her participation in the program. The ceremony concluded with the announcement of the National Champions.

Please join CSL Behring in congratulating the 2013 Gettin' in the Game Junior National Championship winners!

National Golf Winner
Jeffrey Bittinger, 17
Representing WVU Foundation

Second Place for Golf (tie)
William McCarthy, 11
Representing Western Pennsylvania Chapter

Second Place for Golf (tie)
John Martin Pera, 9
Representing The Coalition for Hemophilia B

Third Place for Golf
Annika Patrick, 10
Representing NorthWest Ohio Hemophilia Foundation
National Baseball Champion
Juan Silvas,13
Representing Snake River Hemophilia and Bleeding Disorder Association

Second Place Baseball
Blake Sieck,15
Representing Nevada Chapter of NHF

Third Place Baseball
Matthew Smith,14
Representing Tennessee Hemophilia and Bleeding Disorder Foundation

Raffle Winner
Kyler Harris,7
Representing Utah Hemophilia Foundation

Good sportsmanship awards (Golf)
Briar Hass,12
Representing Great Lakes Hemophilia Foundation

Good sportsmanship awards (Baseball)
Eli Pollard,12
Representing Great Lakes Hemophilia Foundation

Most Improved (Baseball)
Arley Liberti, 13
Representing Bleeding Disorder Association of Northeastern NY

Most Improved (Golf)
Patricia Wilford,15
Representing Virginia Hemophilia Foundation

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