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Raise Your Voice!

Youth Advocacy and Empowerment

Raise Your Voice! is a youth empowerment program designed to assist patient organizations with their advocacy initiatives. This program will provide youth with the training and skills necessary to apply their energy, unique insights, perspectives and experience to public policy discussions. By imparting youth with these essential skills, they will be inspired, motivated and empowered to effect meaningful change.

  Raise Your Voice!

In recent years, advocacy has become a priority focus of patient organizations. These organizations have demonstrated leadership in tackling complex legislative and regulatory public policy issues. In addition, these organizations are seeking ways to increase their capacity and their ability to influence public policy decisions in order to ensure access to therapies and services.

CSL Behring is also a leader in advocacy and desires to expand ongoing collaborative efforts with patient advocacy organizations to address pressing public policy issues. Raise Your Voice! will not only provide additional resources with which to impact public policy, but also provide training for the next generation of advocates.

Youth engaged in civic education activities are more likely to become involved in the public issues affecting their community at the state and federal levels. Through civic education, leadership training and involvement in state organization advocacy programs youth can gain the knowledge, confidence and skills to become effective participants in the democratic process. Raise Your Voice! will give youth the opportunity to actively participate in discussions about public policy issues impacting their lives and their futures.

Raise Your Voice! will provide experiential learning for youth to develop:

  • A basic understanding of federal and state health care policy and the potential threats/opportunities for access to therapies and services;
  • An understanding of political systems and the forum they provide for effective resolution of social and economic issues and concerns;
  • Interaction with adults and youth leaders (community, business and government) involved in decision-making processes;
  • Exploration of careers that can favorably impact public policy;
  • An awareness of each individual’s own leadership potential; and
  • The leadership skills essential to fully participate in the democratic process.


How to Qualify

  • Be a recognized patient advocacy organization representing individuals reliant on blood plasma therapies or their recombinant alternatives.
  • Have a history of organizing and executing an Advocacy Day or Legislative Day at your state capitol.
  • Recruit up to 15 youth participants.
  • Be a non-profit organization with 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status.

Youth participant general qualifications includes:

  • Age: 14 - 23 years.
  • Attendance at both training and Advocacy Day.
  • Nomination approved by organization Executive Director.
  • Wearing appropriate business attire.

If you are interested in sponsoring a Raise Your Voice! leadership training program or would simply like to learn more, please contact advocacy@cslbehring.com

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